Client chooses to remain completely anonomous August, 2016

4-6 sessions with Cathy and I rate her 5/5 for empathy, compassion and non judgemental attitude. I would use First Step Counselling again if the need arose and refer my friends and family. Thank you Cathy for your insight and compassion during my counselling sessions. You helped me to see some things differently than I was and that really helped me. Thank you.

Cheryle July 2016

I have had 4-6 sessions with Cathy, and rated her 5/5 for empathy, compassion and non judgement. I would definitely use First Step Counselling again and refer the service to my friends and family. The service was awesome....just to have someone listen without sitting there in judgement of me....Thank you for just listening to me .... and helping me in so many areas of my life.. thank you

Pastor David Warwick Senior Pastor, Real Life Church, March 2016

I have had the privilege of knowing Mrs Cathy Kunzel for many years in my capacity as her Pastor at Real Life Church. Cathy is a consistent, personable and caring individual. Cathy is a person of genuine, good Christian character.